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Country Domination

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Hi. Anyone in despair waiting for my next release could check out this album of World Domination artist, mainly in a Country style. I have one tune on it-‘Even the Bad Times Were Good’ from 2007 album of the same name. I don’t think it’s available to buy but any DJs can get it through me or World Domination Music.

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Hi, Punters. No news from me in a long while. We recorded through Autumn of 2015 but in October I got sick again & the scan in November showed a couple of small tumours in my Liver. Once again it was considered terminal & I was not expected to get well again unless I had some chemotherapy. which might give me some months of reasonable health before I went. I gradually & begrudgingly went back to my anti-cancer regime & gradually my health returned. Over that Winter I was able to do some violin & percussion overdubs & was finally able to sing the songs over the summer. We’ve been mixing now for a few months. I can only get into the studio from time to time as it’s become very fashionable over the 6 years since my last record. The singing sounds a bit like a zombie but I’m redoing it when I mix, so I hope to have some tracks for you by this Autumn. The last scan showed the tumours growing & spreading, although I’m in good health & my blood tests are normal. I’m also being very focused on my regime, & I think I’ve outlasted the Doctors’ expectations again. I’m going into the future with ‘with a smile on my lips & a song in my heart’. Love,...

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Charlie at The Commercial Hotel 29th November

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I’m now playing at The Commercial Hotel, Herne Hill on Sat 29th Nov, 9 until 11. Entry is FREE! See you there.

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Charlie Live at The Bird’s Nest 26th Sept

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Playing at the Bird’s Nest again by popular demand Fri 26th Sept, with Dallas Foster. Entry is free!

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